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City Garbage Collection Info


Beginning Jan. 5, 2015, pick-up day in Autumn Ridge

 will be every MONDAY


Click here, then Garbage Information/ Regulations  

Missed pickup: call 402-444-5238




The 2014 ARHA Annual Homeowners Meeting

was held 7:00pm Monday, May 12th 2014 at Willowdale. 


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August  2014  TGIF Photos

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Neighborhood Watch Update


On July 9th, 2013 three vehicles parked in driveways in Autumn Ridge and Hawthorne

had all 4 wheels stolen during the night.  There have been 25 similar reports in

Omaha since February.  Please be on the alert for strange activities and vehicles, and

report immediately to 911.   WOWT report here


July 26th   update:  suspect apprehended




Roofing Update – May 2013


Another shingle alternative is available, see details




Roofing Information


Recent homeowner experiences with roofing contractors dictates that

ARHA continue communications to ensure everyone is aware of the

roofing requirements in our neighborhood. 


More roofing info




 Dog Walkers


Thanks to all who pick up, and for those who might forget

please be respectful of your neighbors yard and scoop it up.  Thanks!!





Mayor’s Hotline  


The Mayor’s Hotline receives suggestions, comments, complaints and requests

 for city services from Omaha residents.  The Hotline is a system for

 reporting complaints using online web forms.

The system also allows you to check the status of your complaints online.


Omaha - Who to call listing




City Council Representative


Our representative for District #5 on the Omaha City Council is Rich Pahls 




2014 Dues Payment


2014 dues are $100.  Statements have been mailed,

payment is due May 5, 2014.




Parking on “P” and 174th Streets


A fire truck was prevented from promptly responding to a house fire in Autumn Ridge by cars being parked too close together on P Street.  Douglas County had recently performed a traffic study and recommended that "No Parking" signs be installed on the south side of P Street (west of 172nd) and the west side of 174th Street (south of Welch) in order to improve traffic flow.  A survey of homeowners on these streets indicated that 76% of these residents were in favor of the no parking zone.  No Parking signs have been posted in this area by Douglas County.  All Autumn Ridge residents who find a need to park in the street are encouraged to park close to the curb so as not to obstruct passing traffic and emergency vehicles.  Thanks to everyone for their cooperation in this matter.




One topic of discussion at the annual meeting was trash receptacles that are being stored in some driveways.  ARHA, and your neighbors, appreciate the cooperation of everyone in keeping their trash cans stored out of sight, as it gives our neighborhood a cleaner and neater appearance.   Thank You!




Roofing Alternative


The roofing survey which was sent to all AR Homeowners indicated a preference by 90% of the respondents for a roofing option in addition to wood shakes.  To address the desires expressed by most of our homeowners, the ARHA Board has approved a resolution which provides an alternative roofing option, while maintaining an upscale, consistent look in our neighborhood.  Click here for more info.





Neighborhood Links

            Millard West HS

            Russell Middle School

            Willowdale Elementary

            City of Omaha

            Douglas County



Association Activities - 2014


            TGIF will be August 8th

            The annual bike parade for kids is scheduled for July 4th



Covenants Info


            Covenants are the legal requirements we are all obligated to follow when we purchased property in Autumn Ridge.  They are designed for the protection of real estate values in our neighborhood, something important to all of us.  You should have received a copy of the covenants when you closed on your home.  A copy is available by clicking the covenants link on the left. 


             There have been some questions about if and when our covenants will expire.  Our covenants will not expire.  Article V. 2.  states the covenants and restrictions “shall run with and bind the land in perpetuity”.  Our covenants are intended to help protect our property values, please cooperate and abide by them. 


            Please remember that the covenants prohibit boats, campers, trailers, RV’s, and trash receptacles from being stored outdoors on your property.


            The covenants require approval of construction plans for fences, pools, patio enclosures and other external improvements.  Please refer to the covenants for more details.





            Speed Bumps.  At our May 8, 2006 meeting, the issue of speed bumps was discussed.  We asked Douglas County to perform a traffic study on 174th Street.   According to the Douglas County Engineer, the volume of vehicles per day is too low to warrant “traffic calming devices” at this time.


            Annexation.  Autumn Ridge was annexed by the City of Omaha August 22, 2011.  As of that date our S.I.D. (Sanitary Improvement District 354) no longer exists.  As you may be aware, the S.I.D. had been paying for several maintenance items around the common area entrances at 168th and P, and 172nd and Q such as lawn mowing, sprinkling, weeding, landscaping, etc.  The homeowners association will assume the cost of maintenance of these common areas, as required by the covenants.   Annexation info


Neighborhood Watch


            There have been a couple reports of some teens congregating on the school property in the summertime during the late night or early morning hours.  Douglas County Sheriff is patrolling the school area and has asked to be advised of mischievous activities.  Don’t hesitate to call [911] if you see something going on that shouldn’t be.  If it’s after midnight – do you know where your kids are?


            Some people hesitate to call 911 if they want to report something suspicious but it’s not really an emergency.  According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s website:  Regardless of whether you consider an incident an emergency or not, simply dial 911 to report an incident or request a cruiser”. 


            Remember to keep your garage doors closed, and don’t leave your keys in the car.  Call your neighbor if you see their garage door open at night.   Report suspicious activities to 911.




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