Dues Statements

Every year the Homeowners Association collects dues. The purpose of these dues are for the upkeep of our common areas, social events, and utilities. Payment is due promptly to ensure the proper continuation of all services the association contracts with each of our vendors. Failure to pay dues will result in lien placement on your home with proper notification prior.   Your dues statement is located in the Annual newsletter mailed out every year in March.

On January 26, 2023 the board voted to increase dues to $150.00 for 2023.  If your dues check or online payment is postmarked prior to June 1, you can earn an early pay discount and owe just $140.00.

The Board has partnered with an organization called Cheddarup to create a payment portal so that you may pay your annual dues by credit card or bank draft. This portal will be completely secure and allow for easy payment. There will be a convenience fee for usage of the portal, and that will go directly to Cheddarup.

You can pay your dues online!  Click Here to pay your 2024 HOA dues.