Landscape Committee

The purpose of the Landscape Committee is to keep our common areas looking beautiful and hanging relationships with all service providers that help us do so. The common areas are located on each side of 172nd Street between P & Q Street of the, and stretching around along Q street going east towards 168th Street. Also, we take care of the north corner of P & 168th Street designated by our “Autumn Ridge” monument.

In 2014 an unfortunate disease started hitting many of our trees on the east corner of 172nd & Q. On the recommendation of multiple licensed arborists the board made the tough decision to remove this trees, drastically changing the look and feel of that corner. The board voted to use reserve funds to create berms, plant new trees & bushes, purchase & install boulders and landscape lighting.   We contracted with Omaha Landscaping to complete the project and the effect has been outstanding.

The largest portion of our annual budget is spent on maintaining these areas and the committee is committed to keeping these areas clean and well manicured. Here is a list of the vendors we work with in these efforts:

Lawn Maintenance & Holiday Lighting: Lawn Care 4 Less

Irrigation: Turfbuilders

Electric: Leaf Electric

Snow Removal: Anderson Estate Design

For questions and/or comments regarding our landscaping or to report an issue please contact Nate Elgert at 402-770-3754 or submit using our “Talk to us” feature on the home page.